Cornerstone Digital Solutions provides SEO, inbound marketing, website design and content writing for small and medium businesses in Syracuse, Central NY and Western NYAre your current and prospective customers having a hard time finding you in the marketing and media jungle?  Let us be your guide.  We are really good at finding short-cuts, as well as the well-worn paths you haven’t traveled before, to your customers. Our ultimate destination is to help you earn the trust of your prospects and the loyalty of your customers.

Everything starts with a profile of your ideal customer.  You’re thinking “HEY!  I’ve only got about twenty-five different types of customers!  I can’t narrow it down to a handful!”  Take a deep breath, a drink from your canteen, and have a seat on the nearest log.  When we bring out the old gold map and take a closer look, we’ll find that there are segments of your business that solve different types of problems.  You’re probably an expert at solving each of those problems.  So let’s tell people about it!  Let’s start with your sweet spot first, the thing your company is really great at, or has the potential to grow like crazy when we get the right word out at the right time in the right place.  That’s where we can help.

Whether you’re selling a product, service or yourself, we can help you grow your business across the internet with strategic digital marketing, including your website, e-commerce, email, social media, mobile and text messaging.  Let’s get together and start exploring.  You decide on a destination, I’ll bring my maps.